GEL NAIL, Semi Cured Gel Nail Wraps, NG200092, 20 PCS

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Perfect for manicure beginners and professionals, semi cured gel nails is very easy to apply and peel off, no complicated nail art skills required, file down and cure by LED light just a 60 seconds to get instant glossy nails look in seconds! you can use the wooden stick to peel them off.

1 in stock


You will receive 20 pieces of nail polish strips in different size, comes with 1pcs nail file, 1pcs wooden nail stick and 1pcs sealing strip, our gel nail polish wraps feature a semi-curing gel and self-adhesive design and the nail art stickers is long enough to fit different nail sizes, you can save money and time, enjoy a salon-quality manicure in minutes!
Compared to traditional nail polish, nail decals are made of reliable resin, non-toxic, non-chemical odor and waterproof, will not damage your nails and your skin, not easy to peel off.
Made of real semi-cured nail polish, our nail wrap are shinier than other gel nail stickers, which has a unique sticker design and a wide range of colors to choose from, gel nail stickers can last about 14 days when fully cured under LED light.
Our gel nail polish stickers are suitable for all shapes of nails, comfortable to wear as natural nails, varieties of fashionable and hot nail art decals styles for you to choose from, suitable for different occasions and activities, a must-have nail product for all fashionable girls, perfect for EID, Valentine’s Day gift for moms, girlfriends and friends!

Package Includes:
1 x gel nail wrap sticker (20 strips)
1 x nail file
1 x wood stick

How To Use

How to Apply:
1. Smooth your nails with the nail file and clean your nails with cotton pads.
2. Select the right size that fits your nails, peel off the protective films of the Gel Nail.
3. Place on the fingernails gently.
4. Use a small wood stick to press and flatten the edges of the nails.
5. Remove the excess Gel Nail with a nail file.
6. Cure the gel nails under UV/LED light for 60 seconds to make them stronger and harder and more glossy.
(According to the actual curing situation, if the gel nails are not fully cured, the curing time can be extended by 60 seconds)
7. Smooth the edges with a nail file.
8. Finished!

How To Remove:
1.Use the wood stick to lift gel nail wraps off your nails.
2.Clean your nails with cotton pads.

1.Please kit it in a film container after use.
2.Please use it immediately after open it.
3.Please keep it away from young children, and avoid eating by mistake.
4.Do not use it when your skin has a cut.



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