Desert Gold, Desert Gold Oil, 200 ML

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A formula enriched with 100% natural oils with pleasant scent. suitable for all hair types.

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A harmonious formula, carefully selected to suit all hair and beard types. It has amino acids, multi-vitamins and collagen. All extracted from natural oils and herbs.
A natural hair lotion, satisfactory results during continuous use and helps solve all hair problems.
Desert Gold Oil Benefits:
-It contains amino acids that provide the hair with the necessary proteins.
-Restores the hair’s vitality and luster.
– Nourishes hair follicles.
-Smoothing hair.
-Protect hair and scalp from sunlight.
-It relieves the head of stress and thus stops hair loss.
-Dry hair treatment.
-Allowing more hair to grow.
– Prevents baldness.
-Complete protection of hair and scalp from high temperatures.
-Excellent cleaning of the scalp from inside and getting rid of plankton, dust and dirt that accumulate on the hair roots.
– The homogeneous formula is considered a healthy conditioner and is compensated in a healthy way in softening the hair and caring for its strands from its roots to its ends.
Oil Ingredients:
– olive oil
– Sesame oil
– watercress oil
– Cactus oil
– Coconut Oil
– Castor oil
– tea oil
– jojoba oil
The product is 100% natural herbs.

How To Use

The hair or beard is massaged with oil and left for a period of no less than a period of 3 hours and not more than 6 hours, and then it is washed with your favorite shampoo. Repeat two to three times a week as desired



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